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Being charged with a criminal offense is often a frightening experience. A consultation with an experienced defense attorney can go a long way toward providing some peace of mind. While no lawyer can make the problem go away in a single meeting,  knowing the full extent of the problem is bound to bring some relief.

At the initial consultation, I will verify the charge against you on the Court website, including your trial preliminary hearing date. Then I will provide you with a copy of the law the Commonwealth says you have broken (or show you how to access it yourself online), including the maximum and minimum penalties.  I will explain what the Commonwealth will have to prove in order to convict you and how, in a preliminary way how they might attempt to do it. We would examine in detail the event(s) leading up to the arrest or, in some traffic matters (e.g., reckless driving), the ticket. We can then discuss any consequences that were not immediately apparent and whether you need any pretrial relief (e.g., bond hearing).  I may be able to suggest things that you can do on your own to better your situation.

While being charged with an offense is never a pleasant experience, it is never necessary to go through it alone. Give us a call.